The Neuroo Solution to

better protect and serve the interests of your citizens
optimize operations from your command center
be proactive in monitoring your sites

Neuroo helps you optimize the security of your organizations and

protect your human and material assets.

Human Brain

The human brain can analyze 6 seconds of video over 30 seconds viewed.

Image Transmissions

CCTV systems transmit thousands of images to operators every second.

Data Recording

Astronomical amounts of data are recorded every day…

How to...

...make sure you don't miss anything?
...fully explore all this information?
...make better decisions to protect and get the best of your resources?

Detect imminent dangers

in real time

Be alerted in real time to abnormal events or behaviors.
Help your operators act quickly and efficiently
Define and customize your alerts according to your operational needs.
Use Neuroo's advanced analytical solutions to be notified in real time in the event of a suspicious situation with precision and reliability.

Who is talking to

the Neuroo platform?


Image analysis is one of the most used tools to prevent risk. But there is an issue:
Simple flow is not enough and requires additional processing to quickly use all the information.

Neuroo’s analytical solutions help operators optimize the detection of critical events and anomalies through real-time alerts.


  • Preventing criminal acts.
  • Reinforce the sense of security in the inhabitants.
  • Facilitate the work of police surveillance.
  • Help people in difficulty as soon as possible.
  • Increase equipment protection through fast damage detection.
  • Better responsiveness to events.
  • Real assistance to operators in terms of efficiency.
  • A complement to surveillance services

Examples of the Real-Time Analytics available today








luggage detection


classification and counting


covering detection




and smoke detection




crossing detection


moviment detection


direction detection






detection and duration calculation

Smart city

What is the challenge for today’s urban organizations?
Get more fluidity, more mobility, more cleanliness…

Neuroo’s analysis solutions allow you to obtain an optimized management of your city’s activity at all levels: ecology, services, transport and, of course, security.

The software is designed to analyze large amounts of data simultaneously, regardless of its source or input format.

Our solution is robust and scalable. It offers numerous implementation possibilities and satisfies a wide range of use cases.


  • Service for monitoring and managing flows and websites.
  • Automatic counting in real-time.
  • Density analysis.


at your service

How to give a pragmatic answer to your needs?

Neuroo is based on technological knowledge and field safety. It combines machine learning and deep learning, computer vision and software development.

It is the first 100% Made in France solution based on the capacity for recognition and data processing by artificial intelligence.

Agility to respond

to your needs

Each organization is unique, don’t you agree?

Neuroo features are based on field feedback to meet your specific needs.

Real-time “analytics”

A roadmap fed and prioritized
by field needs
Custom filters on demand.

Neuroo is:

A trusted network of recognized partners

A 100% French and safe technology

Solutions designed and developed with and for you

Recognition models with 100% local detection and controlled

An innovation in service delivery and operational excellence.

When do you want to start?

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