Technology to transform your
images and video streams

into immediately actionable data

How to put the human being at the center
of the decision-making process with AI?

Combining machine learning, computer vision and mainly human.



Machine Learning is a data analysis method that automates the construction of analytical models.

This technology allows computer systems to learn, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

An example:

Machine learning detects trends in historical data (eg categories: weapons, vehicles, humans, etc.) to derive a real-time recognition pattern (eg crowd movement).



If artificial intelligence or AI allows “computers to think”, computer vision allows them to see, observe and understand.

With it, computers and systems can detect meaningful information from videos and act or make recommendations based on that information.

Unlike humans, computers don’t get tired. You can train machines powered by computer vision to analyze thousands of video or audio data streams in real time.

In summary:
The combination of these technologies makes it possible to automate the detection of anomalies or incidents and submit them to the human eye to qualify the event in its context.

The human, therefore, remains present to decide. He is “augmented” by these technologies that allow him to focus on the factual and decision-making.

Because the human operator is still better than machines to manage complex contexts. With the help of Neuroo, he is able to focus even better on managing difficult situations.

Sophisticated technology

for advanced security

How Neuroo integrates with

your infrastructure

Your organization is unique, Neuroo solutions are ultra-flexible
and can be deployed on premise, cloud or hybrid.

Two types of deployment are possible:

Integrated Environment

Standalone Environment


User Management
Application database
Security Database

Analysis modules

Deep learning
Business logic
Image processing
Interpretation of results

Communication module

API & Drivers
Stream player
Verification of operation
Exchange of information between Neuroo modules and third-party systems

How Neuroo serves

your organization

  •  Perimeter detection (e.g. intrusion, littering)
  • Crowd movement detection
  • Abandoned object detection
  • Grouping detection
  • Fire start detection
  • Plate reading
  • Weapon detection
  • Attendance
  • Marauding
  • Counting
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