Educate your
surveillance equipment

to detect smoke and fire
to detect weapons
to detect crowd movement

Neuroo helps you make your video data streams smart

using a powerful real-time video analysis tool.

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Intrusion detection
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Traffic analysis
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Abandoned luggage detection

Let AI help make

the decision easier

If security, resilience and performance are at the heart of your concerns…

You have noticed that the number of sensors, cameras and volume of data to be analyzed is no longer sufficient: adding them certainly does not make monitoring more effective.

Why? Because the capacity of the human remains the same.

Neuroo can help bring the alerts and exceptions forward to make the decision process easier for anyone.

It provides you with real-time alerts to optimize your safety operations and facilitate the daily management of your operational activities.

Remove obstacles

between your data and your decision making

Provide proactive protection:

Analyze and process all data collected in real time by your operating systems.

Explore the full potential of your data:

Transform them in real time into valuable indicators and immediate actions.

Focus on the essentials:

Be alerted in real time to decide the best action to take.

Earn in operational performance:

Continuously consolidate your indicators and capitalize on your operational data.

A unique platform, endless possibilities

Neuroo solutions put all the analytical power of AI at your service.

Find out how to maximize the performance of your data capture systems through to Neuroo analytics solutions: image analysis, videos, plate reading…

The Company:

Strong guarantees for your project.

Neuroo is the partner of your technological sovereignty.

The Product:

Security, simplicity and performance to meet your need.

Fully explore your data flows with a platform of high performance analytics solutions based on AI processing and recognition capabilities.

The Technology:

How Neuroo fully integrates into your infrastructure.

Machine and deep learning, computer vision and data analytics: a powerful technological association at the service of your organization.

Keep in control

with Neuroo

Master your environment and operations in the face of uncertainty.

Neuroo helps you make the best decisions at the right time, without rushing.

100% controlled developments
A team listening to your needs
Technical experts who have a great knowledge of the field
Known and recognized technical partners
Solutions designed and developed in France

Neuroo analyzes the situation, the human makes the decision!


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